The new Verso-S mini-MPV will be unveiled at the Paris motor show
30 January 2010

Toyota has unveiled its Verso-S mini-MPV at the Paris motor show.

The new model will be launched in the UK in early 2011 and further details will be made available soon.

See pics of Toyota’s new Verso-S - plus see pics of the car at the Paris motor show

It is seen within Toyota as a niche model, like the Urban Cruiser, and therefore will carry a price premium over its closest rivals in the B-segment market, such as the Kia Venga.

The styling of the Verso-S has cues that will feature on the next Yaris.

Although the car is less than four metres long, Toyota claims it has a “practical, flexible interior [which has] maximised usable space, comfort and perceived quality”.See all the latest Toyota reviews, news and video

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1 September 2010

Erm...excuse me. Is it the new Honda Jazz?

1 September 2010

Obviously its extremely boring. But at least its better looking than the old Yaris Verso! God that was a fugly car!!!

currently a happy owner of a Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin :)

1 September 2010

[quote Fifteen]Is it the new Honda Jazz?[/quote]

My thoughts exactly - same size, though no word on engines yet(?) Certainly looks like a shoe-in for a Jazz rival, so hardly a niche model...

With any luck, the'll stick an engine in with a half decent amount of grun - though unlikely as Toyota seem to shying away from any form of performance at the moment, even mild ones. (FT excepted)

Asian market has a 1.5 Jazz, which would sell well here - well to me anyway...

1 September 2010

[quote Squonk61]Certainly looks like a shoe-in for a Jazz rival, so hardly a niche model... [/quote]

Took the words out of my mouth. A price premium over a similar product from Kia would be expected on the power of the Toyota brand alone, that doesn't make it a magical new niche!

Jazz, Nissan Note and C3 Picasso are what Toyota will be looking at...

1 September 2010

[quote Fifteen]Erm...excuse me. Is it the new Honda Jazz?[/quote]


The love child of the Jazz and the Prius.

1 September 2010

It looks like a fat Subaru Justy (the new one). What a woeful woeful looking car.

1 September 2010

I actually think it looks alright, certainly a bit more, er, stylish than some of Toyota's previous attempts. There's always been a hole since they dropped the Yaris Verso, but that was a bit quirky. I'm not sure whether this is. I'll reserve judgement until it arrives though :)

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

1 September 2010

Definitely not as bad looking as the Yaris Verso, but it's not that great either...the C3 Picasso IMO looks far better...and yes, the Verso-S definitely has more than just a hint of the Jazz. But what's with it being a niche model? It doesn't seem to have anything different from other cars already on sale...apart from those wipers (which seem rather too visible compared to how they are usually hiddn on modern cars to aid pedestrian safety and aereodynamics) and the fact that on one side, the glass roof seems to be sort of jutting out slightly more than than the other side (although to give it the benefit of the doubt it may be the lighting...)


- Follow your own star -

1 September 2010

[quote Christian Galea]But what's with it being a niche model?[/quote]

I think they are being guided by the erm, stellar success of the Urban Cruiser...

1 September 2010

Its a big improvment on the old shape Yaris verso!


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