From £225,00010

Next to what is arguably the DBS Superleggera’s closest rival – Ferrari’s hyper-focused 812 Superfast – Aston’s new flagship looks, on the face of things, like something of a value proposition. Strip away any options (an unlikely scenario in the real world) and the DBS is priced from £225,000 – some £38,000 less than the Ferrari.

Our experts predict that the 812 will prove to be more resistant to depreciation of the two, however – albeit only initially, only in percentage terms and only by the narrowest of margins. Over the course of a three-year ownership period and 36,000 miles travelled (your average DBS owner will likely do far less in that time, mind), the Aston is expected to retain 56% of its original value, versus 60% for the Ferrari. After a more typical pattern of usage – at three years old and with 15,000 miles on the clock – CAP expects the DBS to retain 63% of its original value.

Richard Lane

Road tester
According to CAP, Aston’s list price advantage means you’ll lose less over three years than with its Ferrari rival

But then big, exotic V12 coupés have never been as canny a buy as GT3-badged Porsches – and their owners have so far indulged them anyway.

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