The 570S’s price of £143,250 isn’t unprecedented in this class in 2016. The range-topping R8 is close enough to be in touch and a like-for-like 911 Turbo S is slightly more ambitious.

The McLaren clearly needs to take up a place in the class’s critical vanguard to justify that price, but it stands ready to do that.

Matt Saunders Autocar

Matt Saunders

Road test editor
The nose lifter is essential, which makes it a shame it’s optional and doesn’t get a dedicated control stalk

The 570S should also be a good long-term bet. Our friends at CAP don’t offer residual value data on McLarens, but the classified ads show that prices for two-year-old examples of the 650S, with plenty of mileage, are holding up very well.

The 570S’s nose-mounted boot is a useful size and there’s a shelf for soft bags and coats behind the seats, so you could easily find room for a long weekend’s baggage for two.

You don’t really need all the carbonfibre accoutrements added to our test car; but they do look good, and when you start ticking, it may be hard to stop. We’d stick with the standard seats.

If you need more space, McLaren’s 570GT, due later this year, should offer it, And for those looking for better value, the upcoming £126,000 540C is a sure bet.

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