Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake
Merc CLA Shooting Brake: the shape of things to come?

Matt Prior: are shooting brakes the next industry mega-trend?

This week, Matt Prior discusses how some manufacturers are particularly good at spotting trends...

by Matt Prior
21 September 2018
Tester’s notes
Red Bull pit stop

Red Bull: ‘2.2 seconds and we smashed Ferrari’

What really goes on during a Formula 1 pitstop? Red Bull Racing invited us into the garage to have a look

by Mark Tisshaw
20 September 2018
Formula 1
Peugeot e-Legend
The Peugeot e-Legend and the 504 coupe

Opinion: the Peugeot e-Legend concept is the acceptable face of autonomous driving

The French manufacturer's beautiful, retro-inspired e-Legend is unlikely to make it to production, which is a real shame

by James Attwood
20 September 2018
Paris motor show
Audi E-tron 2019 official reveal static rear

What do people want electric cars to look like?

We consider the different approaches car makers are taking when it comes to electric vehicle design

by Rachel Burgess
18 September 2018
New cars
Rockingham speedway
Rockingham has enjoyed moments of success, but not many

Matt Prior: if you want to build a racing circuit, build it on an old airfield

This week, Matt Prior discusses the closure of Rockingham and wonders what the odds of a new circuit opening in the UK are

by Matt Prior
14 September 2018
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VW Sedric
VW Group is collaborating with technology firm Nvidia and self-driving start-up Aurora Innovations

Opinion: Volkswagen is playing connectivity catch-up

Volkswagen Group is collaborating with Nvidia and self-driving start-up Aurora Innovations in order to develop its connected car and autonomous technologies

by Rachel Burgess
14 September 2018
Mercedes EQ S prototype camouflaged
Mercedes EQ S spied testing

Mercedes' scale and branding will help customers prepare for the EQ S

Mercedes can continue to invest heavily in hybrid machines alongside its EV range while infrastructure catches up

by James Attwood
13 September 2018
New cars
1974 Lancia Fulvia 3 1.3S

Life with a 1974 Lancia Fulvia 3 1.3S: new tyres and original wheels complete the restoration

We travelled to Naples to buy a pale blue classic Italian coupé; now it's at home in Edinburgh, enjoying the unseasonable summer weather on new rubber

by Richard Webber
11 September 2018
Used garage
Volkswagen e Golf
Would green plates help people spot the Volkswagen e-Golf from the regular version?

Why green number plates could be a sign of progress

Government's plan to give low-emissions cars green number plates might not be 'a badge of honour', but could showcase the wide variety of electrified vehicles on the market

by James Attwood
10 September 2018
New cars
Grand Basel 2018 car in frame

Grand Basel is a very different style of motor show, and that's great

Almost more art show than motor show, Grand Basel's inaugural event put metal before marketing

by Julian Rendell
10 September 2018
Motor shows


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